KBB Instant Cash Offer

Trading in your car is easier than you might think, especially at Hello Mazda of San Diego. We’ll make you an instant cash offer today. In fact, we’ll buy your used car, even if you don’t want to buy one of ours. But we do want our San Diego customers to be prepared for the process, which is why we’ve put together the guide below on how to trade in a car. So, if you’ve been wondering how to trade in your car for a new one, keep reading!


How to Trade In Your Car: Step by Step

Some San Diego drivers have been under the impression that there is some complicated process in learning how to trade in a car, especially if they’ve never done it before. But there’s really not much to it. We make it as simple as possible. Just follow the steps below:

1. Look Up the Value of Your Car

The very first thing to know about how to trade in a car is to know what it is worth. After all, how will you be able to negotiate unless you’re prepared? Fortunately, we have an online tool that will let you learn the value of your car and provide you with an instant cash offer.

2. Prepare Your Car for Sale

Most Carlsbad car shoppers prefer to buy cars that are clean. It’s the same with dealers. Cleaning your car and making minor repairs can go a long way towards getting a good offer for your car. Don’t go overboard with repairs, however. You’ll want to calculate whether the repair would actually be worth it.

3. Let Us Inspect Your Car

Before you buy a used car, you probably will look it over and take it for a test drive. Dealers will want to do the same. This will help us to make the fairest offer possible.

4. Decide Whether to Accept Our Trade In Offer

We’ll strive to make the most generous offer we can for your vehicle. But if you feel the offer isn’t satisfactory, let us know, especially if you’ve done some research and found some information you feel we may not be aware of. We’ll be happy to talk about it. Here are a couple of things you should know:

  • The first offer you’re given isn’t necessarily set in stone, and you can choose to haggle up based on the trade-in value research you’ve done.
  • If you’re upside down on your auto loan and wish to consolidate what you owe with the price of your new car, our finance department will happily explain how to trade in your car under those circumstances.

Sell Your Car to Hello Mazda of San Diego

Now that you know how to trade in your car, let us make you an offer on it today. We want your car, and we’re willing to make a generous offer on it. So, come in and talk with us about what we can do for you. And, if you found this post to be helpful, check out our other automotive tips. We’re just a short drive away from Escondido. Contact us today to find out how easy trading or buying a car can be.